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SimplyWise vs. Expensify vs. My (Chaotic) Camera Roll

ByOlivia MancusoOct 31, 2023

As a busy entrepreneur, managing receipts and logging expenses becomes an art in itself. Once upon a time, my camera roll was the makeshift gallery of this evolving artwork – a motley collection of snaps, from half-torn receipts to faded invoices.

But, in the spirit of streamlining and sanity, I decided it was time to graduate to a more sophisticated system. The question was, which one? In my quest for financial clarity, I put two popular receipt-scanning apps, SimplyWise and Expensify, to the test.

So, which one managed to bring order to my financial chaos and how do they compare to the good ol’ generic camera roll? Let’s find out!

If you’re looking for lightning-fast categorization and smart scanning… SimplyWise

SimplyWise is the Ferrari of receipt management—swift, smart, and efficient. With SimplyWise, whether your receipt is a crumpled piece of paper or a digital snapshot, the app meticulously scans and categorizes it in less than five seconds (I actually counted), extracting every crucial piece of information.

In contrast, my experience with Expensify felt like a long, tiresome wait at the DMV—despite its “smart scan” feature, I grew impatient, ultimately resorting to manual input. As for my generic camera roll? It’s not even in the running.

If you value an intuitive and user-friendly experience… SimplyWise

Ease of use is the name of the game, and SimplyWise is winning it. Its interface is intuitive, unlike Expensify, where I found myself on a treasure hunt trying to locate features. And using the generic camera roll for storing receipts is like hoarding—it’s messy and takes up unnecessary space. Let’s be real – I need that prime camera roll real estate for photos of my dogs.

In the chaotic whirlwind of entrepreneurial life, I need things to jump out at me, or I won’t notice them. SimplyWise understands this need for clarity and immediacy, transforming what was once a tedious chore into a seamless, pleasant experience.

If you appreciate helpful reminders… SimplyWise

Who doesn’t need a gentle nudge now and then? SimplyWise’s reminder feature is the virtual assistant we all need. I live and die by my calendar and my array of alarms—it’s not just about meetings and deadlines but also reminders to take my vitamins, wash off my self-tanner, and other personal to-dos.

Now, I can set daily or weekly reminders to organize my accounting and stay on top of everything. Having an additional, yet crucial, reminder integrated seamlessly into my routine is super clutch.

If you’re battling app overload… Camera Roll

In our app-saturated world, simplicity can be a relief. While SimplyWise and Expensify offer specialized features, they also add to the growing list of apps on our devices. Enter the camera roll. No extra downloads, no learning curve, just a straightforward place to snap and store financial memories. For those seeking minimalism and fewer apps to manage, the camera roll is a dependable, clutter-free choice.

If seamless connection with Amazon and Paypal matters… SimplyWise

Connecting SimplyWise to Amazon and Paypal is like having a financial fairy godmother—it automatically handles more than half of my expense reporting. It simplifies my life and streamlines conversations with my tax firm, making financial discussions more coherent and less cumbersome.

Expensify doesn’t lag far behind in this regard. It too offers integration with Amazon and PayPal. However, for me, SimplyWise’s seamless approach to these integrations felt a touch more intuitive and user-friendly.

The Ultimate Winner… SimplyWise

Entrepreneurs are busy, and not everyone has the luxury of a full-time accountant on staff. We need practical, efficient solutions for managing receipts and expenses, not apps that are barely better than manual input. After comparing, it’s clear: SimplyWise is the winner. It’s smart, user-friendly, and thoughtful, meeting the unique needs and hectic lifestyles of entrepreneurs like me.

SimplyWise shows the potential of well-designed technology. It makes managing finances seamless and stress-free, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on what truly matters—growing our businesses!