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Best Ad of the Year? It ACTUALLY Got Me to Buy the Product

I wasn't expecting it either

ByEditorial TeamMar 19, 2024

I did not expect a wallet brand to claim the title of having the Best Ad of the Year, but here we are.

I’m not one to be easily influenced by an ad, but it was the perfect time (a regular Tuesday night) and the perfect place (scrolling through Instagram). I hadn’t even been looking to replace my wallet, but was fully convinced by the end of Ekster’s 2-minute ad that it was time to part ways with my bulky cardholder I’d owned for the past three years and upgrade to my first smart wallet. I guess the guys at Ekster teamed up with GREGTube (the duo responsible for those HILARIOUS True Classic ads) and created something that made my day!

Here’s why you, too, need Ekster’s smart wallet:

Quick card access with a press of a button

Ekster makes the Maserati of wallets — they’re stylish, sleek, and start with the push of a button. With a patented card ejection mechanism, I never have to fumble around awkwardly at the front of a line to pull out my card again. All it takes is a simple click and all the contents of the wallet are fanned out for the easiest access. Plus, you can snag up to 30% off select orders, up to 40% off bundles, and receive a free cash clip with orders over $90.

Comes with a voice-activated GPS tracker card that lasts months

A wallet is one thing you never want to lose. And with my clumsiness, I’ve had my fair share of mishaps. Ekster’s wallets come with an optional tracker card that lasts 2-3 full months with just 3 hours of charge. It works with any phone that has iOS 11 / Android 5 and above, and comes with a ringer. The coolest part? Its voice-activated feature makes it compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri.

It’s designed to be the most functional thing you carry around

The Ekster wallet is not just a pretty thing to carry around — it’s designed to be functional. It’s thin enough to comfortably fit in any pocket, but built to be durable and last years. Don’t worry about identity theft; the wallet has an integrated RFID blocking layer to make sure your data is always protected.

It’s the only ad that got me to ACTUALLY purchase a product…and I’m not mad about it

If you’ve got committment issues (don’t we all), Ekster has a 100-day return policy and free shipping. So if you’re unhappy with your slim, minimal, durable smart wallet, all you have to do is ship it back to get a full refund. Trust me though, you’re not going to want to go back to a traditional wallet ever again.